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Please upload your CV in pdf format. We prefer one-page CVs. 



Formatting of your CV is crucial for ease of reading. When looking at your formatting, ensure the following:

  • Clear font with legible size (Use Arial or Times New Roman)

  • Use appropriate headings and subheadings to compartmentalise your CV

  • Use bullet points in your role description so that information can be picked out easily

  • Bold relevant and important experiences



When applying for a competitive role, it is important to make yourself stand out using your relevant experiences. Most employers care about the following points:

  • Academics (including relevant modules and exemplary grades)

  • Work Experiences (both internship and non-internship roles)

  • Leadership Experiences 

  • Extra-Curriculars 

  • Volunteer Experiences 

  • Language and technical proficiencies


Extra Tips

At LSC, we care about your work details and the impact you made as much as your title in the organisation. Some ways you can make your experiences stand out are by: 

  • Quantifying the results you achieved or impact you had 

  • Demonstrating skill sets related to consulting 

  • Using actionable phrases