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Dishonored Hungarian Language Pack Torrent (2022)




. I'm looking for an answer for an old question of mine, so if it's not for me, maybe someone else is interested. I've got a problem with starting the C++ shared library (or a part of it) when executed from my shell. I'm using gcc (mingw), and I have a single shared library. Here's the code. Does someone knows what is wrong? #include extern "C" { typedef void* PluginInfo; typedef void* (*JNIFunc) (PluginInfo *pPluginInfo, void * pHandle); typedef void* (*JNIFunc) (PluginInfo *pPluginInfo, void * pHandle, int size); typedef void (*JNIFunc) (PluginInfo *pPluginInfo, int size); void *hJNIHandle=NULL; JNIFunc SetJNIHandle(JNIFunc jnifunc, void *jnihandle); } I can compile it without errors, but when I'm trying to build a shared library, and then execute it from my shell, I'm getting the following error. error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) __stdcall setJNIHandle(void *,void *)" (__imp_??0?$SetJNIHandle@$0A@N@ ??$JNIPluginInfo@$0A@N@JNI@@@JNI@@C@@@Z) referenced in function "public: __declspec(dllimport) bool __thiscall JNIPluginManager::OpenPlugin(char const *,char const *)" (?OpenPlugin@JNIPluginManager@@QAE_NPBDZAHPBDZ@Z) Some more, I'm doing it in the root directory of my project. A: So this is caused by your linker not being able to resolve the reference to the function SetJNIHandle. The JNI implementation is included in a library but this library is not linked to by your application. This invention relates to a combination of semiconductor devices, specifically a combination of one or more memory devices, with a logic circuit




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Dishonored Hungarian Language Pack Torrent (2022)

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