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London Strategic Consulting is a student run non-profit consultancy. Partnering with leading societies across top London universities, we aim to empower students who have a keen interest in the areas of consulting and entrepreneurship, with first hand business experiences.

At London Strategic Consulting, we place a strong emphasis on collaborative synergies. We endeavour to provide our clients with the best consultants from our student body, through a rigorous and highly selective process, in addition to the unparalleled support they will be given. Drive, motivation and attention to detail are just a few of the qualities we strictly adhere to and which you can expect from our consultants. 

Our History






LSC was founded by Merrill Tan as UCL's first student consultancy in Oct 2014

The first 5 LSC projects officially kicked off in Jan 2015 

LSC expanded to King's College London to become one of London's largest student consultancy

LSC launched its digital consulting arm, LSC Digital, gaining the capabilities to work on data-science and digital related projects

LSC expanded its reach to LSE, getting nearer to the goal of being a truly London consultancy. LSC also published UCL’s first ever casebook.


LSC launched its sustainability practice, LSC Sustain, contributing to a more sustainable future


LSC launched its training and development division to upskill our consultants even further



LSC launched its in-house research group, BKG, to work on highly relevant thought leadership for the wider community

LSC launched its legal division, LSC legal, contributing extensively to its internal operations.

LSC Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Pushing Boundaries, Creating Enduring Change 

LSC is constantly reinventing our offerings while maintaining a very high standard. In the year of 2020/21, we have launched our very own Digital, Sustain and Research Practice so as to provide our clients and students the best consulting experience. As the premier student consultancy in the U.K., we provide actionable and impactful solutions to leading corporations, including FTSE250 firms and promising start-ups

Our Mission: Empowering students, Enriching businesses.

Our mission is twofold. Fundamentally, we strive to empower the next generation of consultants by allowing them to work closely with our high-profile clients, leaving a tangible mark on the world at a formative stage in their career. Yet, as we endeavour to uphold a standard of excellence to best serve our clients, we create a virtuous learning cycle; realising lasting change as we optimise strategies, helping clients realise their goals, whilst building a reputation which attracts, engages and educates exceptional consultants.


Our success, that of our clients, and of our consultants, are one and the same. We believe that if we serve our clients and consultants well, our own success will follow. Exceeding our clients’ expectations is not an add-on, but a feature of our service.


Our reputation for excellence not only draws ambitious talent, but enables us to welcome some of the world’s most prominent and forward-thinking companies as clients, and deliver enduring results. Tough problems call for bright, diverse and innovative minds: challenges inspire, enrich and nurture them. A damaged reputation is impossible to restore. We strongly believe that lasting relationships and long-term thinking are crucial to maintaining and reinforcing our invaluable reputation.


We continue to drive our expansion, realising our vision of becoming London’s foremost student consultancy. We intend to achieve this by forging new relationships with the next generation of brilliant minds and visionary clients, whilst carefully maintaining a distinguished legacy founded upon meaningful relationships with our existing clients, alumni, mentors and partners. 

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