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Our consultants have gone on to top companies of various industries in consulting, finance, and industry roles...

Consultant Testimonials

Matei Bjola

UCL BA Economics & Business

Having completed 2 internships in strategy consulting prior to joining LSC, I had very high expectations of the work and challenges I would face here. After 8 weeks of intensive work I can say one thing for certain, LSC will offer you the closest experience to working as a strategy consultant you will possibly get. Apart from doing something great for your CV, this job will allow you to actually understand if you are a good fit for consulting and the demanding but also rewarding aspects about it - an experience which is truly invaluable. I would recommend anyone to apply to LSC, the opportunities it will offer you are unparalleled in the university environment.

Florence Wang

LSE-Peking University Dual MSc in International Affairs

Leading this 8-week project with the LSC was a truly invaluable experience. Having worked previously as a freelance business strategy consultant, I was most attracted to the wide range of industries covered by LSC’s clients and the mentorship programme they organise with associate consultants from reputable firms around London. The experience did not disappoint one bit—in fact, it was a true insight into the day-to-day work of an associate consultant. Carrying out primary and secondary research ourselves while balancing it with academic responsibilities was challenging, but ultimately very rewarding in terms of personal growth, the connections we made along the way, and the golden addition to our CVs! I would recommend LSC to anyone interested or curious about strategy or management consulting—the support you receive along the way, the calibre of the cases, and the enthusiasm of everyone involved make this whole experience a real treat!

Mikolaj Grelewicz

UCL BEng Electrical & Electronics Engineering

LSC gave me an opportunity to work with a rapidly-developing, international startup. Over the course of 8 weeks I had a chance to work directly with a CEO and COO, manage a team of LSE/UCL students and network with other teams. All of that was with support from a consultant from one of the most prestigious consultancies. It was a great hands-on experience and the best student project I’ve done. It’s definitely worthwhile, even if you’re not considering pursuing a career in consulting.

Claudia Kwan

UCL BA History, Politics, and Economics

I joined LSC to gain real-life consulting experience at a level not offered elsewhere; I left it with such hopes fulfilled, and much more.The direct exposure to clients, the challenging yet rewarding nature of the work, and the responsibility to deliver at the highest level made my LSC experience an extremely enriching one. To have a diverse and driven group of students supporting you throughout, from your team to the committee and all other LSC consultants, only adds to it all. I’ve learnt a great deal and met many wonderful people—and I’d do it all over again, and definitely encourage anyone who is looking for a challenge to join!


Rafael Calzadilla

LSE Global Health

I joined LSC because I wanted to gain first hand consulting experience, further develop my leadership skills and gain client exposure. The project was great. Getting to build relationships with such interesting people from my project team and the LSC team as well as gaining substantial client exposure made it an invaluable experience. The experience has given me a huge advantage over peers and has helped me land a job at a boutique healthcare consultancy straight out of university. I have already recommended it to a few people.

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