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Online Application

  • What is LSC’s application process?
    LSC has a 2-stage application process. The first stage is an online application in which candidates submit their CV, answer two competency questions and create a one-page deck for review. The second stage is a 30-minute interview that consists of a competency / motivational portion and a short consulting case study portion. Specifically for LSC Digital recruitment, there is also a digital aptitude test in place before invitation to interviews. Please note that the apt test is NOT a screen-in-or-out requirement and is used solely to allocate projects.
  • Who is eligible to apply to LSC?
    Any current student from UCL, KCL, LSE, ICL, Oxford and Cambridge at any level of academic study is eligible to apply to LSC. Further restrictions apply, please refer to our application guide "role and practice" for more details.
  • I am a recent graduate of the aforementioned schools, can I still apply to LSC?"
    Unfortunately, recent graduates are not eligible to apply to LSC. LSC only takes current students enrolled in full-time education. Note: for summer term projects, both incoming and graduating students are considered current students.
  • Does LSC prefer students from a specific academic background?
    LSC does not prefer recruiting students from a specific academic background. At the online application stage, LSC focuses on the competencies and skills that are relayed across in past educational, work and extra-curricular experiences that are important to being a research analyst, consultant or lead consultant.
  • Does LSC recruit on a rolling basis?
    Yes, LSC recruits on a rolling basis. Applying earlier may be advantageous as consultant and lead consultant spaces are filled up as the recruitment cycle moves forward.
  • How do I reschedule my interview?
    Please book the newly preferred interview slot on LSC’s online interview scheduler, and then email LSC’s recruitment email of the change, stipulating both the original and new interview time.
  • I am suddenly ill or am unable to make my scheduled LSC interview last minute. What should I do?
    Please reply to the recruitment email as soon as possible. If you notify us at least 3 hours before your scheduled interview time with a credible reason, LSC will be happy to reschedule your interview.
  • When will I hear back after my interview?
    LSC aims to get back to all interviewees within 1 – 2 weeks of their interview date.
  • If my application is unsuccessful, can I receive feedback?"
    Unfortunately, if a candidate is not successful at passing the online application stage, LSC is unable to provide feedback due to the large amount of applications. If a candidate was invited to an interview but did not pass, please email the interviewers (who can be found on LSC’s website team page) for feedback.
  • When are LSC’s projects and recruitment cycles?
    LSC follows the university academic calendar and has 3 recruitment and project cycles each academic year: The 1st cycle is in Term 1 / Michaelmas term, in which recruitment takes place around late September to mid-October and projects follow. The 2nd cycle is in Term 2 / Lent term, in which recruitment takes place around mid-January to early February and projects follow. The 3rd cycle is in the summer, in which recruitment takes place around late April to early June, and projects follow. Projects are 8 weeks long and finish by the end of each term. *Please note: candidates can only apply in that recruitment cycle to be a consultant or lead consultant for that project cycle. For example, LSC does not allow students to apply to the Term 1 application cycle for a position in a Term 2 project.
  • What is LSC project team’s structure?
    There are 4 – 6 consultants per project team, of which one is the lead consultant.
  • What is the difference between consultant and lead consultant?
    The lead consultant acts as the main point of contact in the project team for clients, LSC’s client liaison and project mentor. The lead consultant also takes a larger responsibility in managing the project flow, as well as working on the project. For further details, please refer to application guide "role and practice".
  • Can I apply to both a consultant and lead consultant role? Are there any downsides in doing so?
    Yes, candidates can apply to be both a consultant and lead consultant (indicate this on LSC’s online application form). There are no downsides in applying for both positions. At both stages of LSC’s application process, candidates are firstly evaluated on a consultant’s benchmark, and subsequently evaluated on a lead consultant’s benchmark. If candidates reach the benchmark of a consultant and not that of a lead consultant, candidates will be offered a consultant role in LSC.


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