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What we look for









Strong leadership involves a desire to empower yourself and others and a willingness to take initiative to solve problems and get things done, both of which can push the team towards their fullest potential. Furthermore, an effective style of collaboration will aid the building of lasting relationships with all stakeholders. Hence, we are looking for people who can work well with others, are able to consider the positions of all parties, and provide analytical opinions in decision-making

Solving tough business problems requires an ability to engage in all types of analysis, whether qualitative or qualitative. A consultant needs to be detailed but also keep the big-picture in mind, considering all aspects of the problem to narrow down the root cause of the problem and deliver a targeted solution. Lastly, the ability to evaluate their own recommendations and ideas in the relevant business context would add further value to the team. 

The presentation of yourself and your work is key in taking on a client-facing role. Hence, consultants and lead consultants not only have to be creative in generating ideas, but they should also always present their ideas and conduct themselves in a formal and professional manner and be able to think and communicate with each other and the client clearly and succinctly, even under pressure.

We hope that our projects can value-add to our consultants’ professional and personal experiences and growth. Hence, we want to know how LSC fits into your passions and motivations. Moreover, student consulting projects are uniquely different from most other projects you might have engaged with. We hope to understand how you see the scope of work involved and your willingness to commit to it.


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